with laundromat you can get your clothes clean;

it is important that you choose your laundromat carefully especially if you are going to wash sth valuable; in a good laundromat, for example, you can adjust the speed of washing (in case of delicate stuff you should rather use low speed: then it will not be damaged and still clean eventually)
Look there, I really like this laundromat! Let's go for it: it looks like the quality is high and it has many functions.
by xalena September 22, 2006
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Laudry, Laundered. Back in the 90s started the "clean" and "safe" comedy, some of which were played in Laundromats. In an Iconic Speech from "Joking the Chicken" Duckman lashes out at such a movement that led to the "Woke Comedy." Basically describes any humor as "bad comedy" when worked into the context of the a statement.
"He really took that joke to the laundromat." or "He laundered that act" or "He took that act to the laundry."
by pornstitute October 12, 2019
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The act of banging a girl completly naked, and having a loyal friend or roomate sneak in with the intent to steal her clothes, so she is left with nothing to wear.
When Sally hooked up with that guy she got taken to the laundromat, and had to walk across campus in a towel.
by Gavin F October 3, 2006
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a rather peculiar carpet or mat that is not unlike a laundered flying persian carpet used to transport money launderers
The money launderers received the red carpet treatment from the laundromat.
by Hercolena Oliver April 28, 2008
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When a person has a sudden urge to do a lot of laundry.
Whoa, I just felt so laundromatic. I have to go home and do some laundry ASAP
by paintthetownblueinstead3333 September 10, 2010
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A bar/club where girls (usually gold-diggers) go to pick up suits in an attempt to set themselves up for life as a trophy wife.
Dude there's no point going to Ryan's bar in your polo and shorts - it's a laundromat and you're never going to get laid wearing that!
by hitmehard3r January 15, 2012
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When you go into a laundromat to wash your clothes and you witness a sexual encounter in one of the dryers.
I think that most laundromat sex is fueled by good old meth.
by Dr Bunnygirl June 27, 2019
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