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A person who masturbates in their office cubicle. The masturbator does it secretly and for the thrill. The best time for them to do it is on the weekend when no one is there.
I think my coworker may be an in-cube bater.
by yes juanito yes March 25, 2015
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Location of a urinal in restroom where you stand up to pee. Opposite of short stall where you sit down on toilet.
Text: Standing at tall stall rn
by yes juanito yes August 31, 2022
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Twenty-something (or thirty-something) I'd like to fuck.
"Jessica looked hot at her college graduation. She's a TSILF."
by yes juanito yes June 28, 2014
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School policy that prohibits chewing gum on campus so students don't stick the gum under the desks or put it on the floor.
My school has gum control. It's dumb. No gum aloud. They tell us to spit it out but usually everyone pops another one back in.
by yes juanito yes April 17, 2015
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The bright and rounded areas of the face just below the eyes. Usually suggest health and happiness if the areas are glowing and prominent.
"When you look at yourself in the mirror, are you satisfied with the apples of your cheeks?"
by yes juanito yes October 18, 2014
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Lettuce that has never been packaged and bounded with tight fitting plastic. The lettuce head tastes better since it was never exposed to plastic. Highly recommended by well known chefs who also generally suggest free range chicken.
TV Chef: "Always select a free head lettuce when preparing a gourmet salad."
by yes juanito yes May 25, 2015
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