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The use of alcohol to become mildly intoxicated in order to prepare for social activity. Some people call alcohol a social lubricant.
"I needed to get lubed up before going to the party.
by yes juanito yes May 13, 2017
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Lavish or massive amount of items purchased at a shopping center or mall and returned home. Popular term among tween or teen girls who report all the items they purchased or purchased for them to their friends.
My 11 year old daughter posted a video on You Tube telling all her friends about her mall-haul.
by yes juanito yes January 24, 2012
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A large number of expensive and extravagant items purchased at a commercial shopping facility.
"Wow, what a mallhaul...all those packages and bags of things I purchased as holiday gifts!...filled the entire trunk..."
by yes juanito yes February 12, 2012
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A house or apartment where a separated or divorced guy goes to relax and unwind. The dwelling contains most (if not all) of his stuff. A getaway place similar to a man cave.
Do you want to come over to the man retreat tonight? We can watch ESPN and drink beer.
by yes juanito yes June 14, 2015
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Any imagination game for children or playful adults. Empowers people to share and have fun.
Children: "You be queen and I'll be king. Let's pretend."

Adults: "Let's pretend we're bunny rabbits this weekend."
by yes juanito yes April 03, 2015
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A security guard assigned to a library. Many libraries now need extra security due to increasing problems with intoxicated patrons, shouting matches between patrons, and other inappropriate behavior between adults and/or children.
I used to be a mall cop, but now I'm a library cop.
by yes juanito yes May 21, 2015
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Written instruction on how to open a box or package.
To open, lift tab here. Pour into bowl. Mix well.
by yes juanito yes February 15, 2015
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