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A person who masturbates in their office cubicle. The masturbator does it secretly and for the thrill. The best time for them to do it is on the weekend when no one is there.
I think my coworker may be an in-cube bater.
by yes juanito yes March 25, 2015
A husband who feigns incompetence in performing household tasks in order to be excused from having to do them. Examples include feigning an inability to vacuum, purposefully showing confusion in trying to locate items in the kitchen, totally avoiding and showing inability to do laundry, etc.
Jack: "I'm a husband faker. To get out of housework, I pretended to not know how to vacuum, cook or do the laundry. Now my wife does everything."
by yes juanito yes April 8, 2013
When you go to purchase something with a credit card, and you're notified that it's not going through. Usually due to an expired card or you're over the limit.
Waitress: "Sorry sir. Credit card denied."

Diner: "Oh, crap."
by yes juanito yes October 18, 2014
The act of engaging one's brain in an effort to wake up from deep sleep.
On weekends and on Monday mornings, it's always mind over mattress. My alarm clock tries to scare the daylights into me.
by yes juanito yes June 6, 2015
The presence of the popular sandal at an event or gathering. The preferred footwear for hippies, lesbians, old people and preppies.
"There were plenty of Birkenstocks on the ground at the Berkeley alumni reunion."
by yes juanito yes October 13, 2014
Any imagination game for children or playful adults. Empowers people to share and have fun.
Children: "You be queen and I'll be king. Let's pretend."

Adults: "Let's pretend we're bunny rabbits this weekend."
by yes juanito yes April 4, 2015
An instruction for pedestrians in England (and other places) where they drive on the left side of the road. Assists visitors and tourists who are not accustomed to the different driving pattern.
When walking around in London, look right first before crossing the street.
by yes juanito yes March 29, 2015