The same as little but it emphasizes just how little whatever the subject matter is because by removing the second t the word "little" becomes smaller.
Aww look at him, he's so litle!
by Annonymousssssss January 17, 2008
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(adverb):means a lot, the opposite of alout.
all the hicks, wiggers, and emos at mukwonago highschool should go suck eachothers dicks a litle bit.
by mukwonagofootballteam May 1, 2009
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LITL (Lost In Text Lation) misunderstanding, used to describe the confusion caused by the misreading or misinterpretation of a text. Pronounced like little misunderstanding.
Jane: "I thought you weren't speaking to Beth anymore because of that nasty text she sent you!"

Sara: "No, she called and we talked, it was only a LITL misunderstanding."
by Apocolypto122112 March 11, 2011
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When someone's dick is so tiny that you remove a letter from both words

Take a look at:
Your pp
Timmy wasn't afraid of having a boner because his litle dik was too small to get bigger
by fuck off nosy ass prick June 14, 2021
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