for pussies: A phrase put after a hated and or non manly task. originating from the insult pussy
John: I love watching keeping up with the kardashians!
You: keeping up with the kardashians is for pussies.
John: *starts to cry*
by welshweedie January 23, 2017
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This chick has very small pussy lips well hidden inside her outer lips like a peach. It was not actually my favourite type, which is the large outie pendulous pussy like the other girl. But still, a pussy is pussy, no matter how long or short the lips are, they are there to be fucked.
by neverfail March 19, 2016
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Way to explain that pussy (i.e.: female vagina, genitals) is the same regardless how good looking the person is, a good looking chick does not have a better vagina just because she is good looking.
I banged that chick last night, she not the best looking chick but pussy's pussy.
by TheCrusher69 September 24, 2011
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The best kind of porn there is!

No men are involved it is just pussy on pussy action.
Guy 1: Hey what kind of porn do you like the most?

Guy 2: Pussy on Pussy

Guy 1: What kind is that?

Guy 2: The best kind out there!
by Naakle July 05, 2011
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50 n snoop dog say that in bars...that means it doesnt matter u fuckin a cute faced bitch or ugly one...just fuck .....pussy is pussy it doesnt make diffrance
i just fuck em bitches ..pussy is pussy
by bonafide_hustla February 26, 2007
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when two cats get in a disagreement over the semi skimmed milk
"lets have it out, pussy to pussy, the milk is mine"
by megasaurusrex January 06, 2014
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Something men babies spend 9 months getting out of - and the rest of their lives trying to get back into ...
I gotsta get me inta some PUSSY !!!
by Phil MaKrackin July 21, 2014
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