the decade which began on january 1st, 2010, and will end on december 31, 2019. The second decade in the twenty hundreds (21st century).
Pronounced (the tens, twenty 10s, 10s, 2010s, etc.)
by jack1432 July 22, 2011
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£10 worth of marijuana
Esp. 1/16th of an ounce

Also 10 bit or 10 bag
by KRONK May 27, 2005
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Yo StIgGY, l3t's g0 play s0m3 10s 2nite.
by ilk September 9, 2004
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Word is used to show that you know something is 100% true..
Him: she said she didn't cheat on me bro
Friend: Bro, she a hoe and that's on 10s
by B.Thunder October 8, 2016
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10:10 preferably pm is a time, that if you touch your ears, it is believed you get good luck. The reason for this tradition is because at 10/10/1910 at 10:10pm a man named George Inmad who had been deaf since birth, suddenly was able to hear, no doctors can explain this medical mystery and the only explanation they had was that he got very lucky. Ever since then George would touch his ears at 10:10 because of how lucky he felt.
Totally bro i missed the last couple 10:10's i dont want to miss my chance for good luck.
by raminalsarbys June 9, 2010
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10:10 is the equivalent of saying 10 out of 10.
friend "Whats your favorite dish?"
me" Deffo chicken & rice bro, rice is 10:10"
by mllttt December 4, 2019
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