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The two or three work days before and after Christmas break when no one gets any work done.
"Hey did you do that thing you were gonna do?"


"Why not!? You should have done that thing a long time ago, did you forget?"
"No I'm just on turkey time and not getting anything done."
by darkwhitein1955 January 11, 2018
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Hunger is fatness leaving the body.
Her "OMG I'm sooooo hunger."
Him "Isn't it wonderful? That's the feeling of fatness leaving the body!"
by darkwhitein1955 March 3, 2020
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An alcoholic beverage made with 1/2 cream soda and 1/2 Weller bourbon.
She asked me if I wanted to hit her bong but I'd just finished my fourth Creamweller and was buzzing pretty nicely so I just snarled instead of saying no.
by darkwhitein1955 March 3, 2020
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To climb the rungs of opioid dependency. What you do when you can't afford any more pain pills.

The moment when a situation goes from bad to worse.
Doctor won't write me any more scripts. Goin from oxys to croxies.

That last interception sent the game from oxys to croxies.

oxycontin hydrocodone heroin crocodil
fucked over rip the start
by darkwhitein1955 December 19, 2014
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When you seem to hit it off with a girl then kinda lose each other once you add her on snap. This can also be when you give a girl your snap instead of your real number because you're uncertain and it's way easier to ghost her there.
"I heard you were talking to Ashley!?"

"Not really, we fell victim to the snaptrap."
by darkwhitein1955 January 11, 2018
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10 to 10 is a prison rule common in penitentiaries in the western United States. The rule states that from the hours of 10:00pm to 10:00am all inmates should refrain from activities causing noise or disturbance. Those who violate the 10 to 10 rule are subject to punishment chosen for them by members of their own race.
10 to 10 Ian get the fuck off the phone. 10 to 10 brutherfucka ...throws radio into sink.
by darkwhitein1955 March 3, 2020
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Someone who doesn't want to fuck you very often. They seem to be fine and get lots of mileage out of their occasional sexual encounters.
"I thought you were with Jeremy?"
"Yeah.. we fuck but I need it way more than him .. he's such a sex camel."
by darkwhitein1955 January 11, 2018
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