A k-pop group called SEVENTEEN's fandom name
Seventeen: WE LOVE OUR CARAT's!

by BTS AND SVT TRASH June 12, 2017
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The strongest and lovable, supporting fandom. They will always be there for Seventeenour diamonds forever.
by krakheeaad December 7, 2019
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CARAT - The Seventeen's fandom name. Seventeen

Pledis (Seventeen's Agency) made a vote, where fans could send suggestions and vote for their favourite one.
The final winner was Carat because it means it brightens the diamond (Diamond = Seventeen). The bigger the gem is the precious the value. Seventeen will be more worth it the more time passes.

Seventeen said at a concert:
"We have an announcement. You guys made us shine so bright. So you guys are now going to be our Carat."
by mwxx898 May 23, 2017
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Carat is the fandom name of KPOP group , SEVENTEEN. CARATS are people who will love EVERY member of SEVENTEEN without doubt as they are the best kpop group in our hearts. We, carats, will support SEVENTEEN through thick and thin. SEVENTEEN is the BEST.
by u-need-jisoo June 12, 2019
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amazing people who stan seventeen, only amazing people stan seventeen
person 1: i want to be amazing, how do i become amazing?
a carat: stan seventeen and become a carat, then you'll become amazing
by youramourr December 16, 2022
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when someone is led on to think they are getting engaged, a faux engagement
No one deserves to have a dangled carat. He acted like he was going to pop the question but instead he dangled carat. Nothing is worse than a dangled carat
by Feeling Beachie November 8, 2014
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A large group of the exclusively elite.

Not many are sure what exactly this club is, but its secrecy has led to several conspiracy theories:

a) starbucks special deal on carrot lattes, three for the price of 2.

b) a female escort and/or body guard service

c) <3
a) "Hi and welcome to Starbucks, have you tried our new Carat Three deal? Three carrot lattes for the price of two!"

b) 1. "Gina, what happened to your face?!"

"Carat three busted out some moves after I got too close to that hottie in the band."

2. "Call up Carat Three, they are so hot and we need some girls at the club opening!"

c) "<3"
by enlightened jen May 16, 2006
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