he is a tiger
"Hoshi is not a tiger"
"yes he is"
by rozzyriz June 27, 2021
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The stage name of Korean dancer, singer and choreographer Kwon Soonyoung from k-pop boy group Seventeen.

Born on 15 June 1996, his stage name means star in Japanese.

He leads the group's performance unit and does the choreography for a lot of their dances.

He is also known as: 10:10, Edward Kwon, and ShinEE's biggest fanboy.
A: Wow, that guy sure can hip thrust.
B: That's Hoshi. He is the hip thrust king.
by 10 hour 10 minute July 29, 2017
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Hoshi, that screamer scared the crap out of me!
by louiseee October 13, 2010
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“omg did u see her she was acting like such a Hoshi! girl was roaring
by hoshisvg May 8, 2021
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when you're a chaotic gemini and cannot be controlled (and can't control anything, especially technology)
example A
person 1: *is being a chaotic dumbass*
person 2: stop it you're acting like a hoshi i cannot stand

example B
person 1: oh my god you're so goddamn annoying
person 2: at least i'm not a hoshi though
person 1: shit you right
by rippedjuns February 20, 2020
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Hoshy typically refers to Hoshy Sawyer, a young classical double-bassist, electric guitarist, and composer, living in the northern region of iraq.
Have you heard of Hoshys' new piece?!
by Pompompurin January 6, 2022
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