Sponsored, promoting a product on social media for compensation
#Spons! This video is sponsored by audible.com
by d0llf4ce February 12, 2018
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Short for sponsored on social media. Athletes and others that make posts they get paid for often use this hashtag to let their followers know they are sponsored.
Get a discount with the promocode FOLLOWER15 at amazon.com #spon
by philuppus March 05, 2018
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person 1: spon person 2: no, spoon person 1: no, spon person 1: you’re very dum it’s spon
by amnoagrass February 17, 2021
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Not a mispelling of spoon. Generally used as an exclamation or insult, and occasionally an acknowledgement or expression of indifference (like meh), or confusion. It can only be correctly used as the single word in a sentence.
1. Spon.

2. Spon!

3. Spon?

Incorrect: What the spon?
by Ransom March 29, 2005
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A term coined by The Goons for their BBC radio series.
Ref: The Spon Plague (Series 8, 3 March 1958)
by haiqu April 05, 2005
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Spon is a popular new sport similar to football and hockey. It is played with a "spon" which can also be referred to as plastic bottle lids. The pitch can be on any hard surfaces but paving slabs provide the best Spon arenas for the famed crevise shots.

The aim of the game is to score more spons than your opponent by shooting your spon into a goal. Special spon shots include - Crevise shots (when the spon is rested against a crack on the pitch to gain extra leverage when kicked)

Spon has also coined many phrases including "There is no shame in air shots" which refers to the frequency in which the spon is missed mid kick.

Spon was first spotted in the playgrounds of Oxted County School, before sweeping throught the countys of Surrey and Sussex. The biggest game of Spon known so far was held on the specially chosen roof of a fort.

The inaugrual World Spon Cup is due to be held in late 2009 with competitiors from over 2 countys due to attend.
oooh i saw your fantastic crevise shot in that game of Spon
by Buenos Estente May 12, 2009
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Friend: Wanna go for lunch tomorrow?
Me: I don't have enough money, you spon me?
Friend: Eh...
by allegedlyeverything July 19, 2021
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