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50 seat all economy regional jet designed by Canadair and built by Canadair/Bombardier. Primarily used in the United States by regional carriers such as Skywest on behalf of United, Delta, and formerly American. Most dogshit plane to ever exist. The plane is designed for toddlers. The seats are short, hard, narrow, and feature zero legroom. The windows are at penis height and the roof is at boob height. Flying on this absolute piece of shit for any longer than 3.63 minutes is worse than sticking a toothpick up your urethral opening and slamming your hard dick against a wall. Luckily the US airlines are retiring these shit planes in the near future. United is replacing the crj-200 with the godsend crj-550, Delta is replacing it with the crj-900, and American is replacing it with the crj-700.

Also known as the Crappy Regional Jet 200
Doug & Robin: Ha! Look at Delta over there with that shit ass plane!

Ed: Stop calling it shit ass! It helps us connect regional communities!

Scott: Haha cumslut Delta! Imagine using the crj-200 to connect regional communities! you should get on this crj-550 shit and start treating your customers as adults.

Doug: U got the crj-200 too Scott

Scott: Fuck you doug, go suck on your shit ass oasis planes
by amnoagrass November 21, 2021
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person 1: it’s spoopoween! person 2: happy spoopoween!
by amnoagrass December 10, 2020
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The participation of rigorous sexual intercourse within a group of four individuals
angela: quadrisex?
justin: sure!
hillary: don’t forget the condoms justin!
boris: I have syphilis
by amnoagrass November 11, 2021
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the t cult. A cult for those who are most t holy. Open to anyone but true followers are the ones who are most t holy. Cursed (uppercase) t is not allowed and is a sin. t cult mantra: t > all t = yes t = life.

complete t cult sin list:

1. saying the cursed uppercase t
2. not worshipping the t gods
3. being anti-t-ist
4. not being a quacct
5. being mean to other people; only the t gods can judge us
t cult associated terms:
1. quacc
2. tea

3. st ic
4. *eats sand*
person 1: t person 2: t person 3: join t cult person 1&2: yes person 3: t person 1&2&3: ttttt
by amnoagrass December 12, 2020
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t the holiest letter of the alphabet. The t mantra states that t > all t = yes t = life. t is everlasting.
The t gods said “t!” and the t people replied with “t”
by amnoagrass December 9, 2020
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t > all t = yes t = life. The mantra used to express true t
person one: I need t pleas help me with t person two: ah yes, the t mantra | t > all, t = yes, t = life, t
by amnoagrass December 9, 2020
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person 1: mirea
person 2: angela merkel slave
by amnoagrass April 12, 2021
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