Used when a person wears multiple clothing items from one particular brand.
(Your friend is wearing a Hurley brand hat and t-shirt, for example.) "Dude, are you sponsored?"
by Jonny Michaels August 10, 2008
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People who wear the same brand from top to bottom. Especially if they wear one color or a matching set. Could be seen at the gym or on the street.
I really hate sponsored at the gym. They wear the same brand from top to bottom like they are sponsored by the brand.
by Pheenix324 July 29, 2019
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For a female to have large breasts, only because she is/they are fat.

The size of a girl's breasts are "sponsored" by the fat.
1."Her boobs are huge dude!" "Yeah but she's totally sponsored."

2."Dude her tits are sponsored." "Haha! Yeah I know."
by Baller Status March 20, 2008
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That lame nigga just bought me a new car....I think I found myself a Sponsor
by MR PAY 2 LAY April 27, 2010
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In various 12-Step groups, such as AA or NA, a sponsor is someone who has some time in the program and has worked the steps who is willing to be there for newcomer. Sponsors generally help take the newcomer through the steps, are there to listen when a newcomer calls, and encourages the him or her to get involved in the group. Sponsors expect nothing in return except that the sponsee does the same for the next person needing help.
Fred: I've had a really hard day. Wish a beer was around...
Sam: You might wanna think about calling your sponsor first.

Sponsee: Hey John, just wanted to say hey, nothing new here.
Sponsor: Good to hear, see you at a meeting tonight?
Sponsee: Yeah, I'll be there.
Sponsor: Good, you might wanna go ahead and make the coffee.
by uialtum May 24, 2010
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Noun: A person who helps another person by voluntarily providing money and services in hopes that one day some love will be reciprocated for the services. Usually women have sponsors.
"I asked my sponsor for two hundred dollars to pay my light bill.
by Kat E. May 14, 2006
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A sponsor is a key component to successfully recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction through the 12-step program. Your sponsor is the sympathetic support person with whom you can share anything in relation to your recovery process, no matter how embarrassing. Your sponsor is the person who will take you through the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotic Anonymous (NA).
I gave my Sponsor my drugs then he put it into my coffee.
by mennäperille December 19, 2019
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