person 1: spon person 2: no, spoon person 1: no, spon person 1: you’re very dum it’s spon
by amnoagrass February 17, 2021
Not a mispelling of spoon. Generally used as an exclamation or insult, and occasionally an acknowledgement or expression of indifference (like meh), or confusion. It can only be correctly used as the single word in a sentence.
1. Spon.

2. Spon!

3. Spon?

Incorrect: What the spon?
by Ransom March 29, 2005
A term coined by The Goons for their BBC radio series.
Ref: The Spon Plague (Series 8, 3 March 1958)
by haiqu April 5, 2005
Friend: Wanna go for lunch tomorrow?
Me: I don't have enough money, you spon me?
Friend: Eh...
by allegedlyeverything July 19, 2021
to share something; commonly used for cigarettes
hey man, spon me a cigg?”
by msbjs_ April 22, 2018
The word master Ransom taught me...
You sp0n!

sp0n sp0n sp0n sp0n.
by Unconscious February 22, 2005