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An obligation that must be carried out by a nerd (a person whose IQ exceeds his weight).Usually things like reading a dictionary or an entire encyclopedia or anatomy book. Or even worse doing vector calculus just for fun. Most of them do it out of respect or some profound sense of duty
Eg: holy crap i almost forgot my nerdbligation to complete memorizing this encyclopedia about keyboards

Eg: Ahhh, i cant sit here partying i have a nerdbligation to to complete my mathematics homework instead of hopelessly trying to hit on all these chicks.
by zingeraddict November 09, 2010
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1. An extreme retard, of possibly spanish descent.

2. A person of subnormal intelligence.

3. A noun, used to describe someone that is a retard. It's used as in insult against idiots.A person of unbelievable, inexcuseable and indescribable stupidity. A complete and utter fucking retard.

4. An Intellect Rivaled Only by Garden Tools. Living proof that evolution can go in reverse.

5. A cooler way of saying retard .Best when pronounced with a spanish accent. A complete and utter fucking retard.
Jack : The strawberry shampoo doesnt taste as good as it smells.

Daya : You are a fucking retardo.

Jack : Everything is the same… only different, btw how old is your 17 year old brother???

Daya : i said it once i will say it again, you are just a

by zingeraddict October 03, 2011
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When a friendship exist in two mutually contradictory states when you are simultaneously a friend or an enemy until you make a crucial decision related to that friendship.
John : Hey, are you still friends with Johnny ?

Daya : Depends on whether he hits on my crush.If he does we will be competing for the same girl and we will be enemies and if he doesn't we will remain as friends.

John : So, what are the both of you now ?

Daya : We are simultaneously friend and enemy. A state known as Schrödinger's friendship.
by zingeraddict December 03, 2011
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1. The act of masturbating (rubbing your cock masterfully).

2. Scouring the pipes of your penis in order to orgasm.

3. the process of pleasing yourself sexually

4. What you do when there is nothing to do

5. What you do when your family is not home

6. The reason people watch porn.

7. The reason old people are having more heart attacks.
Scouring the pipes (Masturbation) protects against Prostate Cancer. Men who Scour their pipes more than 5 times a week in their 20's are 33% less likely to develop the

most aggressive form of prostate cancer later in life. A 2003 study by Graham Giles at the Cancer Council of Victoria in Melbourne Australia found that the ejaculate helps to "flush" or rid the male body of carcinogens.
by zingeraddict May 26, 2011
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1. God's gift to man.Brings peace when used wisely.

2. Any drug derived from plants.

3. Magical stuff that takes u to a state of euphoria (supreme bliss).
Chev Chelios: (Gets in the cab looking like a crackhead).

Crazy taxi driver: You are not gonna die in my cab crackhead ! I have something for you.You take this Haitian shit crackhead.This shit right here is some hardcore shit.It is made from plant shit !

Chev Chelios: (takes the drug and gets fucking high).

--Dialogue taken from the movie 'Crank' in 2006

~ Time is never wasted when youre wasted on plant shit all the time XD

~Life is a quest we must never quit but in turn enhance with the magic of plant shit.
by zingeraddict September 30, 2011
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1 .Malaysian Indian/Indian word for vagina

2 .The beautiful area between a woman's legs.One of the best parts of a woman's body.

3 .It also means a girl, a bastard, a dickhead, a shithole and a motherfucker, etc..(not often)It may also be a negative supportive adjective to be placed in front of a subject noun, like "fucking shit" in english. However, this word is always for describing negative things, not exactly like "fucking" in english. In english, "fucking" can be added in front of a subject or noun to express "very much".

4. Derogatory term for a woman. Considered by many to be the most offensive word in the Tamil language.

5. A derogatory term used to insult men. The fact that pundek refers to a woman's genitals means that this term, used as an insult, assigns negative value to women's genitalia and also to women in general.

6. Derogatory term for a woman. Considered by many to be the most offensive word in the Tamil language.

7. A derogatory term used to insult men. The fact that pussy refers to a woman's genitals means that this term, used as an insult, assigns negative value to women's genitalia and also to women in general.
"Vandhu en pudek nakku" means come lick my cunt. Pundek is often prefixed with prefixes like Kaena or kerya like kaenapundek meaning stupid cunt keryapundek means old cunt.Pundek is often pre-fixed with mutta or aaya etc. Mutta-pundek means stupid cunt. "Dei Mutta pundek" means hey stupid cunt. "aaya pundeki madiri loosa irukku". It is loose like an old woman's cunt.

Dylan : That girl with the blue dress has a tight pundek.i am gonna fuck her soaking wet pundek when i get the chance.Damn, that pundek makes me crazy !

Josh: You fucking pundek ,the woman you are pointing at is my sister !!!! Go lick some dog pundek, you fuck!!! Say away from my sister !!!

Dylan: You are a pundek.Period.
by zingeraddict October 02, 2011
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Basically, someone who picks a fight with you and backs away not because the person is opposed to violence, not because it is morally wrong but because the coward may get injured. A true spineless fuck that lacks courage, backs away and possibly runs in light of confrontation.Coward of the highest order.
Ashwin : What are you gonna do ? You think you can beat me ?

Daya : Bring it on bitch !!!!

Ashwin : i am sorry :'( Please don't drive your fist through my chest and rip off my ips and use it kiss a dog's ass like you did to that guy last week.

Daya : Puscifist !
by zingeraddict October 15, 2011
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