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the ultimate form of sexual climax that gives a mortal an explosive similar to a sexual eruption feeling that releases all the rapture, sensual flow of love, tender and romantic feelings and fiery passion hidden deep beneath the layers of the soul in a single go. The true meaning of life. Tight grip of flaming and rapturous love within your pulsating heart.The feeling of being embraced in muscular arms and loved The connecting of two people's souls through two people's bodies, as one. When there is no stronger way to express your love than sexual intimacy. Wanting to please each other, make the other happy, share everything, be as close as humanly possible. That is the true meaning of a Dayagasm
Girl:Oh god ! i am so wet and hot after he gave me that Dayagasm!! I love him so much i don't think i can ever leave him. Shortly after that we cuddled and after that he kissed me passionately and whispered 'i love you' in my ears.
by zingeraddict September 04, 2017
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