A hot educator (i.e. teacher, teacher's assistant, instructor or professor) is an individual who is attactive and works as an educator at a public school, university or college. As a result of their attactiveness, students often find themselves "Hot for Teacher" and thus unable to pay attention to the lesson at hand. A hot educator may try to downplay her attractiveness with more conservative attire. This, in turn, has lead to the assumption that under her conservative attire, is a dominatrix vixen looking for a student or two to discipline.
Ms. Gusba is a Hot Teacher.
by HotforTeach November 22, 2010
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ALl thhe guys know this, YOu know when you see that teacher with a nice ass, nice titis and a nice body all round and you just wanna fuck her soo bad but you know you can't, LONG LIVE HOT TEACHERS
Nice ass, Nice tits, Nice Body, Nice all round, Just wanna fuck soooooooo bad cause its a Hot teachers
by alex dumais February 25, 2010
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a teacher who is so god damn hot you just want to date her until you realize she is way out of your league.
12 year old:"you know MS.IEZZI"
12 year old:"i just want to bang her and date her"
12 year old:"only thing she's married and is out of my league"
friend:"why do hot teachers have to be out of our league?"
12 year old:"word"
by nintengeek April 13, 2011
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an attractive teacher of which you would like to bang
Jane: omg mr. smith is sooo fine! he is such a hot teacher i would tap that until next july!
Katie: me too! he's so hot!
by oh happy days! June 29, 2009
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I fuck my hot teacher me.jen in my freshman and sophomore years I got her pregnant in my junior year she didn't came back to school but we love each other
Hot teachers aka Ms.jen enjoys to get fuck by blazing cipher so hard she loves when he cums inside her and all over her
by Blazing chiper February 5, 2021
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A 1984 hit for Van Halen, from the album 1984. It describes a feeling many school kids experience. The video expresses that emotion. The phrase pretty much explains itself.
Gene: Look at Miss Sheridan. She is stacked, dude!

Kenny: Got it bad, got it bad, got it bad
I'm hot for teacher
I got it bad, so bad
I'm hot for teacher
by I Saw U2 Live Twice September 21, 2007
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