1. A witty comment.
2. To make love to an electrical outlet.
I think captain pete is a little crusty from that last zinger.
by T-meister May 05, 2004
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A quick comment, laden with import, that hits "close to the bone". Usually, but not always, witty.
A zinger! The boy got me with a zinger! From SCTV
by PALGOLAK October 14, 2008
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A catchy phrase used to accompany fortunate events.

Also seen in the t.v show Wizards of Waverly Place

A word used whenever something good happens. Zinger could be equivalent to YES!, Boo ya, fuck yeah, awesome, cool, etc.
Also similar to "Bazinga"

Usually used with over exaggerated expression with a hand motion. (legs apart, fist clenched arm "punches" downwards. (kind of like a fist pump, but aimed down)
example 1:hot girl: well, I've got to go, but you want my number?
boy: sure
-girl gives him her number, and leaves-

-boy turns around to his friends-

example 2:

Teacher: You were the only one to get perfect on your exam. Congratulations.

Student: ZINGER!

example 3:

hot girl buys you a drink

example 4:

Person you look up to: yo man, your crew neck is some dope shit man! swag

you: ZINGER!

Example 5:

4 strippers, a giraffe, and a clown are waiting for you upstairs!

by bboydesinity October 28, 2011
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The intense ringing in your head after taking a fat hit of drugs. Ring ding dong. "Keep their heads ringing" -Dr. Dre
"Who, that was a zinger."
by Amandaisloves September 23, 2015
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A finger slipped into the anus during oral sex to provide extra stimulation.
"I ate her pussy for at least an hour, but she didn't get off until I gave her a zinger."
by Tony Pavich December 03, 2005
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