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dat ciara-ludacris collabo was off da chain!
by yay area baby June 12, 2005
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despite wat u may have heard, gettin crunk has nothing to do with getting drunk. they are 2 seperate things. crazy+drunk DOES NOT equal drunk. a person could get crunk without being drunk or high or under the influence of anything. a person thats gettin crunk could be perfectly sober. all it is is a word, created by lil jon, for gettin rowdy.
person 1: yo man, dis is my song.
person 2: we bout to get crunk up in dis peice.
by yay area baby October 21, 2005
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named after tha mcdonalds character. another word for purple(as in weed)
in tha bay, we dance a lil different
ridin on thangs, puffin on grimace

- lyrics to 'u c it' by tha bay area rapper champ bailey
by yay area baby July 11, 2008
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what a lot of baydestrians like to say around christmas time.
dashin thru tha bay
in a broke down chevrolet
thru that hood we go
slappin some mac dre
by yay area baby December 15, 2007
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in the bay, this is another name for the city of east palo alto(epa).
person 1: where you stay at?
person 2: mid town on mines, rogue. we too solid.
by yay area baby October 25, 2007
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the 10th largest city in the U.S., as of july 2005
person 1-yo man, what city are we in?
person 2-san jose.
person 1-oh, ok.
*30 minutes later*
person 1-its been half an hour, man. where are we now?
person 2-san jose.
person 1-dang. i guess thats why its the 10th largest city.
by yay area baby November 27, 2005
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when someone says you put your foot in somethin, that means you know how to cook whateva 'it' is, well
mmm. yo mama's frie dchicken is off da chain! you know she put her foot in it!
by yay area baby May 29, 2005
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