Most Laquesha's Are beautiful yet intelligent Queens. Very nice and caring To other people. Has a beautiful smile and a great personality. A Powerful Black Women Who Carries herself very well and always has to put up a fight for what she believes in . Laquesha is also a freak when shes able to trust you and when she very comfortable with you and would To anything to keep her man happy unless you break her heart besides that she loves role plays and likes to satisfy you with her freaky ways .. She loves attention only because she didn't have much of it when she was younger. Laquesha Is Very Bipolar But Is A Sweetheart and Would put her all into her lover . She's Very Sensitive but always find a way to smile .. Get You A Laquesha And Keep Her Cause She's A Keeper it's Not a lot like her left ..
Laquesha Is A Powerful Black Women Who's striving for the best
by MakeItHappen2017 March 13, 2017
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a name to call a friend when you wanna sound more ghetto in the hallways or in general public
white person #1: Hey, L'Aquesha, wait up girl!
ethnic person standing near by : Oh wow, I didn't realize white person #1 had ethnic friends. I'll respect them more now and pound their fists in public.
by nerdygirly February 10, 2010
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