Snap music is a low tempo hip-hop that started in urban Atlanta where snapping fingers as rhythm marking is used, sometimes uses whistling as an accompaniment. Apparently the term was first coined in Vibe magazine. Some people who have been mentioned as starting the movement are Dem Franchize Boyz, D4L, David Banner, the Ying Yang Twins, and producer Mr. Collipark (a.k.a Michel Crooms, DJ Smurf and Beat-n-Ass).

There are apparently a few know inceptions of early snapping. Bobby Badfingers is a entertainer who calles himself the “fastest snapper in the world”. He performs music on stage and TV and uses his snapping as castanets. John Fare, a lobotomized Canadian performance artist, that thought himself of snapping his lost fingers to a rhythm when made test in the Ramachandran mirrored box. And in fiction, there is an unnamed character on J.L.Borges’ The Garden of Forking Paths who can’t talk thus develops a whole communication system based on snapping.

Some people who use to snap fingers during a singing performance are Frank Sinatra, the 1970’s progressive rocker Gentel Giant, Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff from Philadelphia, Gail Wilson and Johnny Cash.

There is a classic scene on the film West Side Story where a performers group snap their fingers as a chorus. Will Smith, the host at Philadelphia's Live 8 concert in 2005, told his audience to snap their fingers at three-second intervals to mark the death of a malnourished, diseased child in Africa who, he confidently said, dies every three seconds. This later became the TV Snap Ads.

Snap music has also been labeled a southern “laid-back crunk”.
Snap music and snapping fingers is way larger larger and far more complex than the Atlanta dudes.
by dj_al January 28, 2007
A style of music originating in the Dirty South. Unlike Crunk music, Snap music has a slower tempo but still talks about clubbin' and strippers. It is characterized by the finger snap effect in place of the snare drum. Different people can take credit for originating this style from Fabo, D4L, and Dem Franchise Boys.
D4L's hot single "Laffy Taffy" is one of the most popular songs in Snap music.
by wow7127 December 16, 2005
An abomination within the hip hop music. "Minimalist" barebone beats are accompanied by snapping to make the instrumentals. The lyrics usually have little substance to them. Being club music, it's spawned a dance that is done by nearly breaking your neck while snapping to the slow tempo.
Southern person: Snap music is so good!
East coast person: Please die...

The music, being bad enough, can never compare to the disturbingly horrific "snap dance"
by SIXnop June 3, 2006
the new crunk music, that you can do the snap(the dance)to.
'lean wit it, rock wit it' 'snap ya fingers' 'laffy taffy' 'oh i think they like me' 'do it do it' are SNAP MUSIC songs.

have you seen the new snap ya fingers video?
by tj June 17, 2006
a type of music that is very easy to snap your fingers to, hence its name. its made from simple beats and originated in atlanta, georgia. there is a specific step that people often do, along with the snapping. a good example of snap music would be the song "Laffy Taffy" by D4L.
person 1-come on, girl. dont stop dancin now. this is the jam.
person 2-naw, girl. im tired. come get me when they playin some snap music.
by yay area baby December 13, 2005
Everybody from Atlanta, Ga. knows that snap music was originated by K-Rab, an artist/producer affiliated with D4L. K-Rab is the creative force behind the latest infectious hip-hop subgenre to burst out of Atlanta: "snap" music, which is characterized by percussive finger snaps, minimalist synths, and repetitive vocal chants. He produced snap act D4L's breakout hit "Laffy Taffy," which reached Number One on Billboard's Hot 100 and Digital charts and became the most purchased download within a seven-day period in Billboard chart history.
K-Rab started snap music you idiot!
by Tony B 23 May 13, 2006
A new, very boring type of hip hop. Some ppl might say that it is related to crunk music but it isnt. Crunk music is high energy and wild, snap music is the exact opposite. Snap music is boring. Everyone in the club is doing the same thing. How gay. Southern rap is suppose to be high energy but the ATL wants to change all that and bring in boring ass snap music. O well, ATL can snap & lean all they want but Memphis is still gon keep it crunk!
Person: The club was too crunk last night!
Other person: No it wasnt, everyone was just snapping there fingers. I could go to a poetry place and see that.

Snap music is the end of Southern rap as we know it!
by Jaeeelen June 27, 2006