Featuring an artist or group. Commonly used by DJs and other artists that create and mix music (techno, dance, trance, other mixes and cardio.)
by xSer October 16, 2007
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- We had rusty cans of Bud at the Saluki Bar. Outstanding!

- Quite a feat when you think of it. Beer cans haven't been made of anything but rust proof aluminum for several decades.
by MacCool June 5, 2010
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to be fucking beat; a mixture of fucking and beat
"oh my god that girl is so feat!"

"amber nava"
by leopaldo May 21, 2010
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short for featuring. When an artist/band brings another artist/band into one of their songs, normally to make it more popular or for the second artist to make easy $$.
The greatest song to feature two artists its obviously "Under Pessure" by Queen feat. David Bowie. Dont give me any of that fiddy feat. olivia crap on the radio now.
by brian September 6, 2005
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The fake versions of the popular headphones beats by dre. Usually purchased from some shady dude online for a still ridiculously expensive price
Person A: "Yo did you see Tom's new beats?"

Person B: "Nah man those are feats he bought from some dude off craigs list"
by AZkid89 January 18, 2011
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