gettin` stupid, actin` a fool, gettin` hyphe, somethin` that`s slappin` too...
ay, that song goes dumb
by WAY 2 SAUCY March 13, 2005
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to completely lose control of your actions; acting crazy; overly energetic dancing
My friend was acting very crazy, she told me to go dumb
by Ndidiamaka Okwelogu October 3, 2006
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Goin' stupid doo doo retarded, ridin' the yellow bus, thizzin' on a pill, dancin' on top the boxed-out scrapper
Every time I hear Mac Dre I go dumb.
by J.Barksdale July 25, 2006
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When you wild'n out, hoppin on top of cars, scrappin, giggin, Yellin out "YEEEE" "Like WAAAHH" "AAAYYY", Sayin Yadadi Mean, shakin yah hair, Slappin music, Ghost ridin..another word you " GOING DUMB".. yah all ready no.
by Jaccie-O June 21, 2006
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Get high on thizz a.k.a. extacy, go dumb get retarded
mac dre and the thizzle dance. go stupid doo doo dumb. Get hyphy go dumb wit Mistah Fab, and keak da sneak
by hyphy May 8, 2006
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riding the yellow bus going stupid dumb retarded or the opposite of crunk
you can see me go dumb cuz i aint no punk
by xX jaime Xx February 28, 2006
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