a city in the east part of the san francisco bay area in california. there is a university there; Cal State East Bay (formally known as Cal State Hayward.)often reffered to as the haystack. their area code is 510. near the city of Fremont.
person 1-watchu doin today?
person 2-im goin to lakeisha's house in hayward.
by yay area baby November 28, 2005
A name of english descent, literally meaning "guardian of the heged area." Hayward stems from medieval times, Haywards served as the guardians of castles and royalty. Haywards were known for their knight-like traits, they were usually the last line of defense in protection of the royal family. Similar to the secret service in modern times.
Dude A - "Dude, Obama's in town! let's go get him to sign my gun!"

Dude B - "Yo man, you couldn't even get close, a Hayward would shank your ass"
by Sirocco01 August 31, 2010
Hayward is the meaning of a sweet ; perfect guy and person overall. Anyone who meets him will instatly get butterflies and completely fall inlove with him. Hes a nice, funny, smart and outstanding and fun person to be around. Any girl who gets him is the luckiest girl in the worl. Hes something to take pride in and never let go. Hayward is the type of guy that will be there forever. He is "love at first sight".
Omg did you see hayward today?!

yes! isnt he just perfect!
by hisbabygirl0416 October 28, 2014
A sexual act in which a man sprays diarrhea into a cup after ejaculating into it. The woman then takes the contents of the cup, puts it into her mouth, and swishes it around. She then proceeds to give the man a blowjob, leaving a sticky, shitty mess on his penis. The man then uses this concoction as an anal lube on the woman.
John: "Dude, I gave Victoria the Hayward last night."
Jake: "That's fuckin' awesome!"
by the Hayward October 30, 2007
An underrated city in the bay area whose south and west district sucks, but it's eastern districts in the hills are great, with multi million dollar houses, a great exotic car scene, and even the exclusive stonebrae country club where steph curry and other famous people play golf
Hayward is so underrated, I literally just saw a 1.5 Mil Mclaren P1 at stonebrae.
by OC.SVG November 3, 2020
The unwashed armpit of the Oakland East Bay. The nerve center for drug trafficking in the region. A case study in failed city planning. Training center for newly-formed violent gangs. The West Coast's expressway to personal and financial failure. Home of perhaps the only university that couldn't retain it's city's namesake affiliation. (Talk about trying to elevate your school above the shit city!) Laughingstock of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.
Hayward is complete shit! I've got to get out of this rathole!
by Pray for the Bay January 12, 2019
Mia Hayward: I loving kind girl that cares about her friends and family very much but when you annoy her she isn’t afraid to hit you but she will never hurt you on purpose well unless your Micheal 😂💗🥺
“wow look how beautiful that girl is” yep she’s mia hayward
by Bubbly Mia June 5, 2020