Juxtaposed to the affluent ignorance of Palo Alto, and permenantly located in the REAL WORLD, East Palo Alto is home to blunts, bitches, boughties, and biffs. Also the home of the greatest deal on earth, Two-fo-da-bideen ro. Kavanaugh,
I dont know about no president with no dog, ro. Goin to war n shit in Iraq ro. I dont know. I be Fightin my wo, every damn day, on the streets of EPA.
by Lu Xiangshang October 30, 2003
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Spanish slang term used as an interjection, to convey surprise or alarm
¡Epa! Que traes, vato?
by Asmodeus December 8, 2003
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In Venezuela, word for friend, buddy, pal. Used interchangeably with pana, chama, chamo.
Epa, querria una empanada.
by Regner January 24, 2006
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used in mexican spanish as WHAT or WORD
we were watching big brother and that chic was in the shower and took of here top all the guys were like EPA!
by Eltapatio January 19, 2005
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Acronym that stands for the US Environmental Protection Agency.
The EPA sets safeguards to protect human health and the natural environment.
by souldier September 1, 2008
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