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Dykes for life. The female equivalent to a bromance.
Used to describe a close knit group of girls or women who, regardless of their sexual orientations, love each other more than they could ever possibly love a significant other or spouse.
These women may delight in doing female atypical activities together such as drinking heavily, doing a variety of drugs, and/or strenuous outdoor activities.
D4L women's families often begin to suspect the women are indeed carrying on poly amorous lesbian affairs together.
Mom: "I've noticed you spend a lot of time with Stacey. Are you a lesbian?"
D4L Woman: "No, mom. We're just D4L."

D4L Woman 1: My boyfriend cancelled our date tonight. Wanna hang out?
D4L Woman 2: Duh. Let's get hammered and go rock climbing together. D4L, girl!
by spacejamjellybeans2004 January 07, 2014
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Faggot ass rap group that created the song "Laffy Taffy" which started the trend of pointless repeatitive music dominating the radio
If it wernt for D4L and thier song Laffy taffy, good songs might be played on the radio instead of all this repeatitive dance bullshit like Snap yo fingers,lean wit it rock wit it,rock yo hips,Ay Bay Bay,Etc etc
by Dewey1991 August 17, 2007
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A rap group from Bankhead, Atlanta Georgia. D4Lstands for Down for Life. Fabo is the leader of the group, Other members are Shawty Lo, Stuntman, Mook-B, and Stoney. A lot of people don't like ther music because it is snap music a new kind of music from Atlanta which has a slower beat and based off the rythm of a finger snap.
I'm just giving you the facts, make up your own opinon if you love or hate D4L.
by Jersey Kid January 27, 2008
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Down 4(For) Life.
Made such words as laffy taffy,jollyrancher famous, through his song, laffy taffy
Girl Shake that laffy taffy, that laffy taffy, shake that laffy taffy, that laffy taffy -- D4L
by Tree-Fitty November 13, 2005
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Had Beef with Dem Franchise boys about some crappy dance they made up. Let me put it this way...They both fucking suck and will die out once people stop buying the shit they put out. Incomprehensible fucks whose vocab consists of Laffy and Taffy. Possibly the worse Track ever

Ghostface thought they were such a disgrace he was left with no other option than to rape them on a track called 'The Champ'
Dem franchise fags and D4l have been beefing but bringing no action, We should shank their ass and bring back hip hop fo real.

Queens Created Hip hop, the south were the first to kill it with these shitty acts.
So Fuck T.I, Fuck Lil Wayne, Fuck D4L, Fuck Dem Franchize fags

'Hip Hop is dead fo real nigga dont buy that South Shit' - NaS
by fuckD4l July 27, 2006
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Diabetes for life; used as a hashtag or in online conversation when discussing unhealthy food like cake and candy
Yo, just had an awesome piece of cake! #d4l
I just ate all the halloween candy. d4l it is!
by creativitylvl0 January 14, 2016
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