One who loves Christmas and is very tall and is a special individual
by mjj December 09, 2003
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adj. To describe actions of a person or a group of people having fun in a disrespectful manner. Not necessarily pertaining to dancing. Including, but not limited to being loud, obnoxious, causing a scene, horse play.
"Y'all look like a bunch of dancin' fools!"
by Andrew Longman May 11, 2008
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a two person or group event
parachute (crush up pill in fine powder then wrap in small amount of toilet paper taken like a pill) 1-2 pressed pill(s) of ecstasy OR 1-2 capsule(s) of Molly (pure MDMA)
2 mg calaudipin dropped in a shot of goldschlagger
smoke a bowl of Nugs (Marijuana)

2 bars xanax (4 mg) dropped in a shot of goldschlagger
smoke a bowl o Hash
2 hydrocone (10/500) dropped in a shot of goldschlagger
for girls 1 line of cocaine off a 6 inch penis or larger that matches the size of the penis, no being a pussy girls!!!
for boys one fat line off a titty or ass.
proceed to mix a small amount of cocaine in a little bit of personal lubricant rub onto penis, and fuck like stoned animals

can continue to drink and blow lines pop x eat pills at your own discretion...

this has been done but do not attempt unless you know your limits.

and a tip from the wise make sure the people in on it are clean or use condoms.
lets get down on some zombie dancin tonight
by KANSAShippezombie April 30, 2011
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A strange, possibly deranged, individual with a perchant for dancing down streets wildly while listening to their iPod.
Dancin' Harry from Paris, France.
by Jake Rhodes December 20, 2006
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When a girl is half naked with the combination of shivering like shes cold with her arms crossed and twerking her ass.
The go-go dancer on stage is cold dancin

Dude she was cold dancin on my dick all night

You dance like you're cold dancin
by Forest Murphey September 17, 2013
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A dance executed so poorly with the specific purpose of clearing the dance floor. Characterized by karate kicks, unusual gyrations and falling over whilst flopping.
Dude, did you see Todd last night? He was totally Ted Dancin.
by Sir Toppumhat January 10, 2014
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Behaviour exhibited in a nightclub by normally hetrosexual men. This usually occurs when too way too much alcohol has been consumed and "classic" songs from their youth are played.
(As YMCA plays in the background)Look at Brown he's full of the gay dancin tonight.
by Big Boosh December 06, 2007
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