The city of Hayward, California. It is known as the "heart" of the bay. The city was founded by a man named William Hayward, who came to California to seek his fortune in the California Gold Rush (Began in 1848, I believe). He bought some forty acres from some Rancher, and in a few years sprouted into a town. Was at one point misspelled into "Haywood". Haystack is a slang term when reffering to this city.
Person A: I live in tha Haystack
Person B: Um...?
Person A: Hayward
Person B: Where is that?
by yay paleontology March 4, 2006
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another name for hayward california..EAST BAY..510!! like WHAAA!!..stack'd out
reppin haystack fo lyfe
by stack'd 0ut August 16, 2003
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Hayward california, in the bay area, aka the stack haytown, hay-Ward
ya niggaz quit clamin haystack bitch
by blunt1 March 27, 2003
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a nick-name given to the city of Hayward, CA mainly used by the younger, more "homie" crowd.
by Anonymous October 2, 2003
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City of Real Boss Niggaz. We Don't Fuck Around. Heart of da bay.
HayStack Straight Stack Shit. Fuck all ya Haterz.

by N_M_E October 2, 2005
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A huge cone of marijuana, where the marijuana is stacked above the rim of the cone piece.
Holy shit dude, that cone is a fucking haystack!
by jimbo1z October 19, 2009
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Joking or fun name for a Hairy Pussy.
Aww yeah! You know she wanted me to jump in that haystack!
by Merk22 July 8, 2006
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