39 definition by xyzzy

To parody a la Mystery Science Theater 3000
Honestly, I'd rather sit through a John Agar film festival than another Gonterman story.
by Xyzzy February 21, 2004

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1. unless you're lactose-intolerant and have a high metabolism, don't bother
2. extremely cheesy and artificial
3. excessively cross-posted (XCP) spam
Quit posting velveeta to more than SIXTY newsgroups!
by Xyzzy February 08, 2004

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The somewhat-eerie ability to spot a virgin.
Don't believe your V-dar; I know from experience she's a huge slut.
by Xyzzy December 11, 2005

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another name for the OC
I don't get the hype about the emOC.
by Xyzzy March 18, 2006

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An international criminal who will bring law and order to Iraq. At least according to Bush.
Yanno, there are times when I think Baghdad Bob was right; most Americans think Iraqis are retarded, but we are retarded.
by Xyzzy September 21, 2004

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Term for "citizen" used by Republicans, who measure citizenship by how much money you make. Note that how much money you make is not proportional to your income, and that under Bush's tax plans, only income you earn yourself (as opposed to dividends and inheritance) is actually taxed.
Supply-siders bitch that the top 20% pay over 40% of the taxes, but the top 10% control over 90% of the wealth.
by Xyzzy February 05, 2005

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the state of being clueless and asinine
Our troll suffers from craniorectal inversion.
by Xyzzy January 29, 2005

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