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I don't get the hype about the emOC.
by Xyzzy March 18, 2006
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A superlative adverbial form of 'a lot'.
Carly and Speener like to bang each other alot, especially alot.
by Xyzzy December 8, 2005
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having human excrement in the cranium, shithead
"Is it a Triassic human fetus or coprolite?"

"Given who 'found' it, don't you mean coprocephalic?"
by Xyzzy June 18, 2004
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a small dog, Canis latrans, native to North America, known for using everything from canyons to tactical nuclear weapons to catch roadrunners.
Now this is a little coyote-and-roadrunner.
by Xyzzy September 21, 2004
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Our troll suffers from craniorectal inversion.
by Xyzzy January 30, 2005
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An Oglala holy man. His memory has been tarnished by malt liquor, prostitutes, sex clubs, and a lot of other vices which would be along the lines of "Pope John Paul II Abortion Clinic".
"Anything a white man says about Crazy Horse is a lie."
by Xyzzy May 29, 2004
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When a rich divorcée starts seeing a twentysomething, derived from Demi Moore.
"And Mom's trying to demi some young hottie, but she hasn't told him she's had kids."
by Xyzzy December 27, 2005
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