A written report based on numbers;

A document characterized by claims that specific quantities have a direct result on the intended purpose of the document;
verb: Proports: The juice concentrate package proports; a 1:3 mix to water ratio.

noun: Proport: The proport claimed false ingredients.
by astraofmuse January 15, 2013
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An activist group lobbying right to equal portions.
Make sure you ensure your proportion is rightfully allocated and righteously affiliated.
by Hercolena Oliver May 04, 2008
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when a private matter becomes so well-known to the public, it can be looked up on the internet.
When the Dean’s wife was caught in the act with an undergraduate, they tried to keep it under wraps – but word got out, and the story soon reached googlical proportions.
by ΔиłĦ☼иצ ߀₡ʞ September 08, 2011
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xy is dyslexicly proportional to yx.

The law of dyslexic proportionality states that any numbers or letters that are directly transposed can be constituted as correctly documented based on the leeway of human error.
Student: While reviewing the results of my math test I want to prove that my answer is dyslexicly proportional to the correct answer.

Teacher: Really; what do you mean by dyslexicly proportional?
Student: Yeah, look; my answer was 53 & the correct answer is 35.

Teacher: I see your point; I’ll give you full credit for this.
by Tom Stillin November 09, 2012
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This refers to something which happens on the grandest scale possible on earth. This includes apocalypse, major war etc.
We cannot allow you to continue research on this weapon, it would cause a disaster of biblical proportions.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 16, 2004
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The application or employment of a process or feature by which an artist will ensure both the ratio AND perspective of an image remain relative to that of the original image. Failure to "constrain proportions" has resulted in many innocent men being "duped" on internet dating sites (and the like), sustaining an eternal loss of essential "crop points."
TA:"I'm tryin to photoshop that sikk pic you got of me killin' a keg stand at the Rutgers party, Nig." "Everytime I resample, I end up lookin like Nicole Richie doin' a headstand on a Heineken keg can."

RA:"You need to constrain proportions"

....Beware the rubber bakk
by KurtBarlow February 11, 2007
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