A term used to describe citizens who aren't involved in street crime or the drug trade, who the police and local government feel a higher amount of responsibility to protect.
He don't fuck with no taxpayers... having cops sniffing around is bad for business
by ap00000 September 22, 2010
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A driver who lacks the inclination to choose which side of the road to drive on. The assumption being that since they paid taxes to build said roads, they will use any and all of it as they see fit.
That drunk ass son of a bitch is driving like a taxpayer! Stay back at least 500 feet until he runs off the road and plummets off of this cliff!
by K. Hartnell May 3, 2007
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Someone who doesn't have to take a public service exam to work for the government.
We need more taxpayers.
by AmbientLion January 18, 2004
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Term for "citizen" used by Republicans, who measure citizenship by how much money you make. Note that how much money you make is not proportional to your income, and that under Bush's tax plans, only income you earn yourself (as opposed to dividends and inheritance) is actually taxed.
Supply-siders bitch that the top 20% pay over 40% of the taxes, but the top 10% control over 90% of the wealth.
by Xyzzy February 6, 2005
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Any individual that for one reason or another is an complete and total idiot when it is written in plain english how to do something.
"i can't believe he just did that"
"He must be a taxpayer"
by weahhead October 17, 2006
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the greatest slang euphemism for Hipsters

If you got custom Nike Lab dunks and long black hair under a digital camo Yankee New Era, the only block you're representin is dat H&R Block.

Status ain't hood, son.
"Mang, all dese Taxpayers been jackin all the good 12" cuts."
by Robbin Hood March 6, 2006
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People who are totally useless and non productive in American society. These people now roam freely while destroying the economic and social infrastructure of America.
Maria gives birth to baby Carlos in a county hospital. Because Maria used crack cocaine during her pregnancy, baby Carlos is born prematurely. This premature birth requires her baby to spend two months in intensive care. The hospital bills now add up to over 100,000 dollars. The hardworking taxpayers of America will pay for these bills.
Little Carlos is now enrolled in public school. Because Carlos has not been exposed to the English language in his early childhood, he must be taught in bilingual education. Carlos also receives free school lunches and his mother Maria is collecting welfare and food stamps. This is an additional tax burden for the hardworking Americans in this country.
Carlos is now a teenager. He has recently joined a street gang. Because of various crimes including drug possession and burglary, Carlos has been in and out of the juvenile justice system for most of his teenage years. During his teenage years, Carlos also impregnated two girls in his gang and has refused to accept responsibility.
Carlos is now an adult. His criminal record has grown to include armed robbery, car jackings and assault. He has spent most of his adult life in and out of jail.
Carlos is now addicted to crack cocaine. He has suffered two drug overdoses. On his 3rd overdose, Carlos dies.

Summery: A Taxpayers Burden, from birth until death.
by AHWWM March 17, 2005
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