a bowl-shaped hollow at the end of a mountain valley. One of the three words in the English language with no A's, E's, I's, O's, U's, or Y's. The other two are crwth and mwg; all three are of Welsh origin. Also used to refer to female genitalia.
Fly by the cwm. Damn! I just used a vowel!
by xyzzy April 24, 2005
originating from umbc, cwm is an abbreviation for "chill with me" meaning to spend time, or hang out with somebody.
Yo Amit, cwm today!

son i haven't seen you in a minute, cwm
by JbmAnzilol October 7, 2010
Short for “cool with me”.
John: Wanna meetup in an hour?
Jake: cwm
by thevalleyboy March 30, 2019
Cheese Whiz Man is someone whose personality is so artificial, that he is so far beyond cheesy, that one can only refer to his maladaptive personality as artificially cheesy. A CWM will resort to stream of insincere compliments, compassionate touching, and overall fakeness to manipulate others into performing tasks that he finds to be tedious or merely beneath him. CWM has a propensity to propose that others embark on laborious tasks, pointing out the benefit to them, while in reality, the completion of the task is designed to advance the CWM. This is known as "Getting wized".
CWM complimented me on my strong back. He also said that he really cares about my health, and that working overtime in his garden is good exercise for me. I bet he thinks I'm buying this load of B.S.!
by Jayne Dough June 26, 2009
1. A whiny little bitch who follows the cool kids around.
2. A worthless pedophile drunk.
1. That Anglesault is such a CWM.
2. Kurt Cobain was a worthless CWM who married his horse, and killed himself.
by Plushtar February 23, 2004
pronounced "Pobbly cum"

1) A popular Welsh-language soap opera
2) An intensely painful disease of the prostate gland whereby small pebble-like lumps form in the semen.
1) Oh fuck no, Pobol Y Cwm!
2) Oh fuck no, Pobol Y Cwm!
by aeonturnip November 30, 2010
A thick dopey welsh person with an abnormally large head.
'Derr, Dai got an 'ead like a fuckin' cwm taff swede'
by 1 4 for cookery basket like January 2, 2010