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A member of the mint family of plants (aka catmint), Nepeta cataria.

Irresistable to cats, its mildly stimulant properties can trigger a large range of behaviors that can be collectively described as 'flippy' but also happy.
If cats had dealers, they'd buy catnip.
by xyz April 20, 2005
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a milky-clear fluid thats shoots out of a urethra in a great quantity like a projectile explosion because of a extreme sexual orgasm; often feels like urination
after the horny man had mercilessly pounded her g-spot several times she felt like she was going to pee but instead a fluid jetted out from her swelling urethra and soaked the man completely
by xyz April 30, 2003
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1 can of pepsi has abt 365 calories..n a sexual intercourse can burn quite alot of those calories ...so after havin pepsi it is recommended 2 fuck if one wants 2 stay fit and healthy...so if sum1 invites u 4 a pepsi make sure wat he/she actually means...
lets have a pepsi now then mayb v can have sum fun
by xyz July 17, 2004
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A pet cat that's acting silly or hyper, but not in a bad or destructive way like a rat monkey.
Having fed kitty some catnip, Susan enjoyed watching the purring monkey mouse rolling around on the floor ecstatically.
by xyz April 20, 2005
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Contrary to a lot of definitions out there I really think Asians are people who belong to the continent of Asia, not just individuals of Chinese Japanese Korean Vietnamese or Cambodian origin.
Asia comprises of various countries, the inhabitants of which are Asians.
by xyz June 20, 2004
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"Buy One Get One Free" A very misleading description used in advertising to entice potential customers into the belief that if they buy one product the other will be given away free. The same as "Two For The Price Of One."
Customer "These chocolates say 'buy one get one free,' as I do not wish to actually pay for it may I just have the free one instead?"
Shopkeeper "NO."
by xyz December 27, 2003
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