1. shockingly frightful or dreadful; horrible.

2. resembling a ghost, especially in being very pale.

3. terrible; very bad.
1.There was a ghastly murder.
2.There was a ghastly look to his face.
3.There was ghastly murder.
by Toa Pohatu January 31, 2017
Intoxicated, out of control, extremely drunk, high, etc.
Tonight we're goning out to the club to get ghastly.

Bob got way too ghastly last night, he threw up all over himself.
by bigmac44121 March 7, 2007
Resulting stench after polluting a gas station bathroom with oyster stew that ran right through
Mom: where did your father go?
Son: He high tailed it into the bathroom. His stomach was bugging him
Dad (walking out of the bathroom with relieved expression): That was just ghastly!
by 2 Chip Chen June 14, 2017
A state of which you are so tired you are beyond the point of being “gassed
“Bruh I’m so ghastly tired after plowing Rachel’s Mom all night”
by Goose94 April 16, 2018
you gettin a blow job from beyond the grave
i swear i got a ghastly blowie last night
by jacobclark123 February 8, 2018
An American girl who can only be described as shockingly repellent.
Andie Macdowell in Four Weddings and A Funeral is a GAG (ghastly american girl).
by Toxic Brit June 29, 2008
Interior decoration of mechanical perfection, lacking all life or connection to its owner. Furniture that you don't dare use, since actual use would destroy the design effect.
My aunt's house was furnished in ghastly good taste. She had plastic slipcovers on all the furniture so that we children wouldn't actually contact the fancy upholstery, and plastic runners on the carpets.
by nurglezone April 17, 2008