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Nepeta Leijon is a troll from the webcomic homestuck. She appears in the fourth act and is an oliveblood on the hemospectrum, above a mustardblood but below a jadeblood. Nepeta represents the zodiac Leo. Her cave is filled with the many animal pelts that she has collected from hunting with her clawkind weapons.

She loves to RP and usually speaks in third person with as many cat puns as she can. Her trollian handle is arsenicCatnip, AC for short, and she ends many of her sentences with a double-mouthed cat symbol in honor of her lusus, Pounce de Leon :33.

She also maintains a shipping wall to keep track of the many quadrants of relationships with the trolls.
AC: AC purrs in greeting, twitching her tail. She prepares to pounce on you.
CT: Nepeta you must stop acting like such a lowbl00d, it is beneath you.
by gallowsCalibrator13 May 28, 2013
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1. A plant in catnip

2. A character in the best web comic ever, Homestuck. Equius' Moirail, and a shipper cat girl. Flushed for the best troll in Homestuck, Karkat. *Spoilers* Beat to death by a raging jugglo, Gamzee.
1. That nepeta looks nice

2. Nepeta is a dead shipper, who no longer lives.
by cowardlyMesmerist March 10, 2013
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