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see khmer;

of or relating to the country of Cambodia, located in south-east Asia, adjacent to Vietnam, Thailand, Laos.
I'm proud to be Cambodian-American. :)
by hug dis shOrty November 17, 2003
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When it comes to women, Cambodians have the most exotic beautiful dark skinned Asians who are known to have bigger eyes than regular Asians. They are very sociable and lovable people who are never hesitant to flash you one bright Cambodian smile... but shit, you dont wanna fuck with a Cambodian when they're mad cause they WILL BEAT YOUR ASS.
Meng Lau (cambodian model)
Soben Huon (Winner of Miss Utah in 2006)
by onlycuzimbored April 13, 2010
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Marijuana, from Cambodian Red a type of marijuana readily available during the Vietnam War.
We'd been really humpin' it on patrol and I could barely put one foot in front of the other, but a couple of hits off some Cambodian fixed that.
by Croatalin November 22, 2013
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totaly sweet, kickass people, with wicked nice skin.
Also good at soccer
WHOA, DUDE!!! look at that cambodian...his skin is awesome! oh man!! he just scored upper 90 too!
by cambo boy February 21, 2005
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Cambodian people are the best people you'll ever meet.

People think we cambodians are just wannabe's.

But we hold our promise and keep our truths.

Japanese:Hey im from Japan, what about you?

Cambodian: I'm from Cambodia.
by CambodianChikk February 14, 2009
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Cambodia is in South East Asia bordered by Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. It is a very poor country, but many tourists visit the Angkor Wat. Their official language is French but they speak Khmer. They have a darker complexion than most Asians. They are mistaken for other Asian races. They have the same prime minister and King and Queen. The food is delicious and they are extremely friendly and obedient.
1: What's your nationality?
2: I'm Cambodian
1: Really? I never met a Cambodian before.
2: I get that a lot.
by xobabyxo July 21, 2008
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a person from asia, nice people actually they look a lot like FILIPINO's except buddhist and speak french they are from south east asia and are darkskinned, if u see a cambodian he will look a lot like a filipino but not.
white kid- hey you r u filipino

cambodian kid- no im cambodian, but i get that a lot!

white kid- they look a lot alike though!

cambodian kid- yeah i know
by ExCLuSiVE AZn February 09, 2009
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