When someone say something that's dumb you can neck them meaning u slap them on the neck
"U know Barack Obama was not a president." That's my neck Boi
by DeadlyReaper71 February 3, 2017
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To find something hilarious. A much more ghettofabulous version of "laughing my ass off."
Shanaenae just fell flat on her ass, too. Girl, I was on my neck! I was dying!
by Kitterz October 27, 2009
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(A): A well-timed, but unintentional roast; stating the allegedly true facts of a given situation; speaking truth on a matter for which you may have no prior knowledge, but it is extremely relevant to a given situation.

(B): The response to a well-timed statement and/or unintentional roast. Part of a much larger sentence structure that responds with humor to the revelation of previously unknown facts or truth that is relevant to a given situation.
Definition (A) -

Person A: Aye, bro, you need coffee or something? You a asshole when you ain't got your coffee

Person B: Damn, bro! Why you stay coming for my neck like that?
by Sigh88888 April 18, 2020
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Saying your (Idol, crush, favorite celebrity) “could step on my neck”.

Means that they could do what ever they please to you.
Chris Pine could step on my neck any day”
I would totally let John step on my neck”
by LOTR&HARRYPOTTERSTAN December 21, 2018
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