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A creative, non-logical, non-linear thought process. In other words what most ppl do when they get bored in a classroom.
What was the homework, I was daydreaming again during the lesson.
by ElAmo January 12, 2005
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1: Kinda like zoning out, thinking of better scenes then where you currently are

2: A bop made by BTS's J-Hope, the third track in Hope World
(Lets face it, this is the only definition of Daydream that matters)
"In Class, Little Bobby was daydreaming instead of working on his math
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by MultifandomWamen57 April 24, 2019
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Daydream is the best tiktoker ever. He had the name daydream before Dream was popular. He has over 60k followers and in a Minecraft god. If you watch daydreams YouTube or tiktok you’ll be amazed. He plays Minecraft with his viewers and is a very hard working person. If you haven’t followed yet go follow his tiktok daydream090
β€œOmg no way I’m playing Minecraft with daydream”

β€œNO WAY you mean the Minecraft god?”
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by DayDream090 September 16, 2020
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