"gayest" is the superlative of gay.
"Oh do you see that rainbow t-shirt over there?"
"Yes it's the gayest shit I've ever seen."
by gaesheep May 19, 2019
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1. The most happy, attractive and joyous among others
2. The most high in a gay-scale, concerning behaviours and/or appearances that make one think that someone or something is homosexual or stupid.
1. He's nice, always smiling and never gets upset, probably the gayest person I have ever met.
2. I've seen men kissing each other, I've seen guys wearing pink pants, but your heart-shaped tattoo on your buttock is the gayest thing I've ever seen, John!
by arrobarriba April 27, 2008
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i only know 3 straight people lucky and my homophobic parents.
friend:i am the gayest of the land
Me: that's impossable i am gayer than you
by bitchydivergent December 28, 2019
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Being gayer than two guys kissing in a park.
Dude... I saw two guys kissing once, and this is the gayest thing I've ever seen.
by Poor boy from a poor family November 30, 2003
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the superlative of gay, the most stupid thing ever
"That is the gayest thing you've ever said, gay, gay, gay."
by lisagirl April 7, 2003
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Something more gay than the gayest, the most gay a person can possibly be.
"That dude is even gayester than you!"
by Peaches Pog October 6, 2021
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The gayest number in the world is 57. This number refers to Shakespeare's Sonnet number 57. This sonnet details Shakespeare's love for a young man. His affections are so strong that he calls himself a slave to his incredibly strong emotional attraction to the boy.
by Octobottom March 29, 2021
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