Suck you is fuck you and you suck combined, for when that person really just fucking sucks.
Well suck you. Ass hole
by Twistersfury September 13, 2018
When males are too old to get tucked in then their wonderful wife or lover gives them some pre-bedtime oral pleasure.
Her: "Going to bed sweetie?"
Him: "Yep."
Her: "Ok honey after I finish peeling this potato I'll be up to suck you in"
Him: smiles
Her: smiles too
by Him-is-Me March 5, 2010
When a girl sucks your dick and you cum in her mouth and she keeps sucking til you can't come no more
Oh baby I wanna suck you dry
by PussyWhipped December 20, 2015
Sucking a dick until they cum
Bradley: How was your night with Estelle dude?
Tyler: Oh my god bro, we fucked then she said "I wanna suck you dry"

Bradley: Did she?
Tyler: Yup
Bradley: Lucky!
by anon8856 October 24, 2015
what a girl says 2 a guy whose dick she wants to suck
girl: ooo baby u fine u gonna let met suck you up
by Nappyboy317 July 22, 2007
To take a person/person's down or off and use them for their own benifit
Dude that guy is trying to suck you off haha
by Bod23 April 30, 2019