The name Meridian is very rare, and Meridian is caring, smart, unique, and very taleted. She like to try new things as much as she can, she is very sensitive and don't get on the wrong side of her, she is very adventurous, and she will sufer for the sake of everyone else and is selfless and humble she gets exited easily, she can be rebellious at times. She cares about her friends and family more than anything in her life, she never would want her friends to suffer.
Dang, you are awesome Meridian! Yasss kween.
by Kwern June 27, 2018
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Meridian is a very nice girl and has a very short temper. she wants to make everyone around her happy but she struggles to keep up. Meridian's are really rare and don't like being confronted but if you say something rude to her about her freinds or family she will talk trash about you in seecret but NEVER say it to your face.

Her eyes capture the world and hold in many emotions and slot of the time she didn't want attention meridian's usually only want to cry it all away. Meridian's are not keen on dating and aren't good at being romantic.

Meridian's hate being called side names especially by freinds as a joke they take everything litterally. Meridians usually have weak spots but their spots are incredibly weak and sensitive .

Meridian's hate being ignored when they have an idea and will normally walk off if you do. They are almost always happy people.
Man 1 "Who is that?"
Man 2 " oh that's meridian"
by Jeffy Kenny October 18, 2019
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Hell on Earth. We can't even play pictionary anymore!
"Man, meridian is so wack."

"I know we can't even play pictionary any more."

"Yeah, or hangman."

"Hangman is so last week, shut up you fooligan."

by Ian "The Main Man" Mckenna April 14, 2005
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A city in Idaho that's a lot safer and cleaner than Nampa.
Nampa has gangs, drugs, and hispanics. All Meridian has is a waterpark.
by musingmelody June 10, 2011
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The name of my child....

No not that town in Mississippi,

From Nortel Networks: a product line that includes M1, MSl-100, and norstar....
Meridian likes to bake cookies with her Mammy.
by bebe June 24, 2004
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The worst place to live on the face of the Earth. Things break daily and lots of fights. Just bad news bears.
Amy:Where do you live?
Bre:Hell on Earth.
Amy:Oh really?
Bre:Yes, it's called The Meridian.
by Yeee Nissy February 14, 2008
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