A style of drum & bass (usually around 170bpm) devised by music heavyweights dBridge (of Bad Company) and Instra:Mental. The style of music fuses drum & bass with many other genres such as ambient, 80's and soundscape. The style has now become increasingly popular due to the podcast series and many artists from different genres have begun creating Autonomic based music. These include Skream, Actress, Lowtec, Spectrasoul, Indigo, Synkro & Joe Seven.
Exampes of artists producing the Autonomic sound include dBridge, ASC, Consequence, They Live, Instra:mental, Scuba, Code 3, Dan Habernam, Vaccine etc.
by Obey. April 13, 2011
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A band based out of Portland, OR, consisting of Dan Pattenburg on guitar and vocals, and twin brothers Vaughn Leikam on bass and Evan Leikam on drums and percussion. They have released one EP, Good Luck and Medicine and as of April 2011 they are working on their second. Genre is rock, blues, and alternative blend.
Dude, I saw The Autonomics last night. They are great performers, and their music is mind blowing.
by Jo Claire April 8, 2011
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Autonomation is the optimization of using humans for what they do best and what machines do best in processes.
We analyzed the process for optimized autonomation, especially taking into account that we may have any person doing a task.
by Lilibete April 7, 2017
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A political current which first emerged in Italy (autonomia) and Germany (autonomen) in the 1960s and 1970s. It is a radicalised version of Marxism in which class struggle rather than structure is placed at the centre of analysis and in which the proletariat is conceived as the driving force in history. Politically, autonomists insist on the importance of class autonomy and of strategies of resistance which undermine the existing incorporation of the working class and which force the emergence of new configurations of forces.

Associated especially with the work of the Italian philosopher Antonio Negri, whose texts, prior to his recent co-authored book Empire, were major expositions of the autonomist perspective.

Although analytically attached to a strongly worker-centric version of Marxism, autonomists were active in favouring the development of diverse subcultural spaces, including squatted social centres, "autoreduction" of train and bus fares (political fare-dodging), subvertising, pirate radio (e.g. radio alice) and the political demands of the emarginati (the "marginalised" or socially excluded) and "precari" (precariously positioned workers).

The main representative of this tendency in Britain today is the journal Aufheben. Autonomist tendencies also exist in most other countries.

Readers should note that autonomism is NOT the same thing as autonomous anarchism.
Negri, Tronti and Panzieri are among the leading figures of autonomism.

The autonomist movement bore the brunt of a vicious state crackdown in Germany and Italy, due to largely unfounded conflation of autonomism with armed opposition groups such as the Red Brigades.

Autonomism is an increasingly important current in intellectual life through authors such as Harry Cleaver, Chris Wright and Steve Thoburn.

The White Overall movement is partly derived from autonomist roots.
by Andy April 22, 2004
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German word for autonomism. Sometimes used in the English-speaking world because of the importance of the movement in Germany, where it is particularly associated with militant direct action and direct resistance to police violence.

In contrast to autonomism and autonomia, this word refers to an individual activist in the movement as well as to the movement itself (in its plural forms). It seems to be used instead of a general appelation.
Autonomes were in the forefront of mobilising to smash the Nazi demonstration.
by Andy April 22, 2004
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A word referring to the autonomic nervouse system. This is a word I can't pronounce and that is why I came and looked at this website.
That is an autonomic reaction.
by Nick January 6, 2005
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