jess racked up 7 baskets in the field one of em was a reverse
by water weight January 28, 2006
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When you make the move that your opponent thinks you wouldn't do because they thought you would make the move they expected you to do because they think you were avoiding using the move that they wouldn't expect you to do.
Guy 1:How did you win that game?

Guy 2: I used Reverse Reverse Reverse Psychology, and his brain hurt so badly that he just surrendered
by drzech June 17, 2020
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The method a deceptive person can use to put the blame on another for a bad thing they have done thus immediately shifting the blame to the other person "scapegoat" they choose. It's a trick your supposed friend or acquaintance uses to manipulate the outcome of their dirty deeds! It's always someone you know.
All of these people used Reversism to throw the suspicion off of them:

Mike stole his girlfriend Angie's bank deposit for work from her car at the arcade. He then blamed me for stealing it since I was at Papa Jacks playing pinball at the same time. He even pulled a shotgun on me at a party later further trying to reinforce his trick in front of several people. All because Angie and I were becoming too close.

Johns apartment was ripped off by himself and he sold his own fathers M16 that was a gift so he could hide it before he went to prison. He blamed guess who? All because he and his brother ripped me off for 1k on a crappy deal and I told everyone he was a rip off!

Dennis the pyro burned down an apartment building because Tami and I caught him and his friend lighting the adjacent building on fire beforehand and we told the firefighters it was him. He had his criminal friend Rob; who I caught breaking into my fathers house claim I tried to set his apartment on fire after I told everyone he was a rip off. They tried to frame me for arson and even had a witness that claimed they saw me there. Even though I was entertaining several friends at my parents house that night. They really had these fire investigators convinced too.
by SolarTiger August 18, 2011
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something that is utterly ridiculous and amazingly pointless. Root word: reverse.
Man, this ten page paper on Dora the Explorer is reversical. Most Common Usage, "That shit is reversical!"
by Griffin Williams November 3, 2008
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a type of clothing-- can be worn inside out.
"this jacket is so ugly, mom!"
"it's a reversible. just flip it inside-out."
"oh. that's a bit better."
by pbbt September 25, 2007
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A bottom male gets trusted and the bottom can become the top so he can stick his dick in his other partner
These two main characters can go either way their a reversible couple
by Rose2000 January 24, 2017
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The act of taking a shit while facing the cistern. Causes large a mount of residual crap to be left on the bowl.
We got got kicked out of our holiday house so we busted a reversal in the tiolet then got the fuck out.
by kiwicito September 28, 2004
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