A brutal and savagely destructive man who is a perfect gentlemen off the field. Heavy drinker and prefers imported beers (ie Geuiness, Moosehead, ect) over domestic.
The group of large and noisy men in the local pub who are drunk and getting in fights and singing strange songs you've never heard of.
by Derek Hunter February 18, 2005
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Rugby Union players come in two distinct forms, skilled athletes with strength, speed and an unmatched will to win - these players are procured by Union clubs from their superior bretheren - Rugby League clubs.

The other types tend to be pale doughy creatures more accustomed to sitting on the ground waiting for something to happen, but not wanting it to involve too much physical activity, generally walking to a lineout or scrum is considered a workout to them.
Examples of the superior form of Rugby player can be seen in Jason Robinson, Andy Farrell, Wendell Sailor (before those unionites shoved coke up his nose) and Lote Tuquiri.

The inferior form of Rugby Player can easily identified by a distinct lack of athletic ability for a professional sportsman.
by Union Is Dying February 8, 2007
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A person with an incredible superiority complex who assumes that there is no other sports than rugby. The typical rugby player considers its sport more elaborate than american football and more sportive than soccer. Don't compare what you can compare....
Rugby player motto: rugby's a gentlemen sport.

Yeah, just type "rugby fight" on youtube you'll see by yourself.
by Ali Baars September 17, 2009
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A very tall large person with a really small cock
Oh he’s a rugby player he’s got a tiny dick
by Realdefonitions69 August 19, 2020
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