The capital of Texas is ATX.
by Jay Holla March 31, 2004
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ATX is Austin Texas aka A-Town, Texas aka the Capital City
Fuck You! Im from the ATX!
by Maaan! September 6, 2005
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aka austin, texas.
home of 6th street, the university of texas the largest university in north america and hot 93.3. one of the most fun and diverse towns in the world. just try the County Line BBQ. im reppin westlake the best lake
yo i live in westlake in the ATX...terrytown sucks
by Will May 13, 2004
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Stands for Advanced Technology Extended (PC). Refers to the computer case, power supply and motherboard specifications. The older variety is AT.
When you assemble a machine, the 3 components mentioned above must be all of the same kind, either AT or ATX. The ATX power supply additionally offers a 3.3V power and 5V stand-by for keyboard power-on, Wake-On-LAN and possibly a non-interrupted USB slot. It is also software-driven, while the older AT kind can be only turned on/off manually.
Wow, this AMD K6 board has both AT and ATX power connectors! They have been thinking about everything!
by Zdenek June 23, 2004
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ATX is a motherboard and power supply form factor. That means that ATX cases need ATX motherboards and ATX power supplies.
I got an NForce2 with a 450 watt power supply in my ATX case.
by MadPhysicsMan March 28, 2004
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Computer Form Factor. Defines the style/shape of the motherboard.
I bought this new ATX motherboard to fit into my new case.
by DIGGERß March 29, 2004
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Ebonics for Austin Texas.

Used by white listeners of really bad radio stations in the Austin area and imported citizens from more Urban communities.

Actual Austinites use "Austin"
Yo yo this is DJ suck-wad the biggest Nerdbelt in the ATX.
by Mark Mallett August 6, 2004
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