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a cloth used by young males to absorb penile excretions after the act of manual copulation
after billy was finished jerking off he grabbed his trusty spag rag and avioded spillage
by Wazza August 19, 2004
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Phillies Blunt is the brand name for the cigars which have a hard shell outside so you can crack 'em open, pack it with gunga and close with a few licks. Watch the movie BOYS
Tribe Called Quest - I need a philli right before I get loose.
by Wazza June 10, 2003
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rocking, going off
this show is bitchen, rock & roll is bitchen
by wazza August 22, 2003
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The act of orally retreiving your semen from another males anal cavity
your gay, do you feltch with ya man ho.
by Wazza August 18, 2004
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a boy with unusually large aka(masssive) swiss like lips
luke jonothan is swiss
by Wazza August 26, 2004
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s sexy woman or hot chick
"that chick is snark" or "...she was a snarky bird"
by wazza June 20, 2003
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