In Fremont, CA, there is a highschool called Irvington. Here, students are required to pass 3 benchmark projects to be able to graduate. The most gruesome of all is Quest, the senior benchmark. This sinister and hated project has been coined as a new campus curse word as of the year 2012, an alternative/substitute for the word "fuck". Any non-seniors who use this word gets Quested up.
Quest this project.
Quest Quest!
Quest this.
Quest that.
Quest off.
You done Quested up.
Shut the Quest up.
I'm a senior, and I'm here to Quest shit up!
by Class of the IHS SENIO12s October 25, 2011
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A program created by a physics professor and used at The University of Texas at Austin, it is used to bone students' homework GPA. The program was intended to combat cheating and shortcuts, but proves otherwise. If you choose the incorrect answer, it DEDUCTS points from your homework grade, and can eventually make your score NEGATIVE if you keep getting the questions wrong. The program almost always fails in the evening or when needed, as professors use it because they are too lazy to get the TA's to grade the homework.
"Did you do your homework on Quest last night?"
"Yeah man, but I got fucked because I got too many questions wrong. I now have a 20 for a homework grade."

"Ugh! Quest is always down!"
"Welcome to UT, where the professors like to fuck you in the ass."
by Afrocow September 17, 2013
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A homework server created by the College of Natural Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin. A lot of classes use this platform for their homework assignments. And it fucking sucks. Seriously, Quest, you can go fuck yourself. I like Sapling Learning better anyway.
"Quest: where you can actually get a score below a zero."

*That is incorrect. Correct answer: 2. Your answer: 2."
by oasisbau5 February 9, 2015
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(Adj): Quest is the most intense of all the words describing a journey. It would be considerably more treacherous than a mish or a trott, as it will probably entail passing several ghettos beofre arriving at the destination. Tread with care, he who dares partake.
The party's supposed to be in Amsterdam man. Where are we now? Yorkshire. Quest!!!!!!
by Aidan Brooks June 4, 2005
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(noun) To pay one visit to one location of each national fast food franchise in the general vicinity of any given metropolis (i.e. one McDonalds, one KFC, one Arby's, etc.). In order for the "Quest" to receive official status, the Questers must 1) dine in, 2) sit next to a window at every location, 3) Every Quester must purchase a different entree. FULL MEAL REQUIRED.

Presence of one QuestMobile mandatory.

(Verb) To Quest:
To partake in a Quest.
"Hey, Jenni, I'm hungry. Where do you want to eat?"
"I don't know, Abby. There are so many places and I just can't decide."
"I KNOW! Let's create a Quest to conquer the world of fast food forever."
"Indeed. Indeed."
"Pass me the solvy."
by Elaine Lynn August 3, 2007
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A Sexual Act that is a discrete way of saying it.
Guy. - Hey come into my room wanna quest?

Girl. - Wow Biaco (horny) already.

*goes into room*
*comes out and washing hands*

Girl. - Only 3 minutes this time.

Guy. - i was a little bit to excited. o.o
by Jakewhebbe November 13, 2011
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When something seems like an unwanted chore to do; to be very exhausting and tidious
Can you go get me my scarf out of my car?

Ugh I don't feel like it, seems like a quest.
by Darnyx August 12, 2019
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