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(derived from smegma)

The combinatory detritus of underwear lint, sweat and toilet paper which can be found lodged in the upper butt crack; butt cheese.
When wiping one's ass, be sure to get all that gunga out as well.
by Tricky February 25, 2004
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The upper echelon of chronic herb. No stems. No seeds. Sticks to the bag. Sticks to your fingers. Smells like a pack of pissed off skunks. Gets you stoned to the bejeezus. Tastes great. Makes you crave food like a 35-day hunger striker. Skews what's left of your judgement. Impairs your ability to drive a stick shift, an automatic—or just stop watching Tenacious D & the Pick of Destiny and get off the couch. That's if you can still even see the t.v. And when it's gone you'll be texting your dealer for more. And he'll be texting you back...'I let you have that out of my own private stash. I ain't got any more of that shee'it, but i do have a little bit of this killer hash I brought back from Amsterdam if you think you can handle it.'
Dude, you should get over here muthersuckin' asap 'cuz I've got a satchel of some stinkin' really good non-medical gunga right now that'll totally blow your fragile mind from here to Humboldt. It's so potent we'll be able to eat the rest of that stale ass anchovy pizza you left unwrapped in my fridge last August.
by Tiger Weeds January 29, 2010
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adj- used to describe any type of cruddy substance. Can be found in any place: ie- under finger nails, on a park bench, in the used cup holders in a car.
Oh gross what is that....
Looks like gunga
by lola January 12, 2004
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1. scum, composed of algae and various debris, which floats on lakes and collects near the shoreline.

2. sticky or messy substances

1. Every summer when my family and I go fishing on the lake, there's a lot of gunga near the dam.

2. After my family "cleans" the kitchen, I have to go back and clean all the gunga that they smeared around.
by gnatesjen September 03, 2006
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brown poop - like looking stuff from algae in a lake. can be floating around on the surface of the water, or stuck to the bottom, waiting for you to smush your feet into its gunky feeling algae.
EW! Don't touch the bottom! Its full of GUNGA!!!
by smexilexi2017ohyababy July 28, 2011
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(n) Derogatory term for an Indian. Often used to include people of similar appearance (e.g. Pakistanis or Bangladeshis)

Origin: After the eponymous water-bearer in Rudyard Kipling's poem 'Gunga Din'.
A: There were two cars burnt out down the high street last night.
B: Probably gungas.
by ChumpusRex August 25, 2005
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the REAL definition of gunga is a phrase used by people in London and the SE as a nickname of a person of descent from the Indian sub-continent.

Derived originally from the film Gunga Din, where an Indian character holds the moral high ground over the British soldiers.

Mostly used without any racist undertones, but of course is up for abuse.
"oh fuckin great, the stupid gunga has short-changed me again!"

"I need some milk, lets pop into the gunga's"
by britishandworried January 30, 2005
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