The bondi or bus is a vehicle designed to transport people. Generally it used in the services of urban and intercity public transport, and fixed path. Its capacity can vary between 10 and 120 passengers. Term used in Argentina.
"¿Cómo vas a llegar hasta lo de Lucy?" (How are you going to Lucy's?)
"Me voy a tomar el bondi." (I'm going to take the bus)
by melodymakerr July 30, 2015
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Famous suburb surrounding an iconic golden strip of sand fourteen kilometres east of the CBD of Sydney, Australia's largest and most vibrant international city. Home to a melting pot of artists, young professionals, global transients and of course the surfing community.
I feel like catching some waves...wonder what the surf is like at Bondi.
by John Blomfield April 4, 2005
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Selfish, self-absorbed, f***wit that thinks he/she is invulnerable to Covid-19 and that Social Distancing doesn't apply to him/her.
That stupid Bondi Roz is sh*tting herself now she's got a cough like her 50 a day grandad.
by hisu-dude April 10, 2020
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Bondi beach, Australia. Home of the infamous Bondi cigar. Full of rich wankers, musicians, yobbos on the weekend, backpackers everyday. Not a very nice place to swim, but good to lie on the beach, look out for needles and white pointers.
Have a tooheys and watch the day go by.
If you can ever find a place to park, Bondi is good for a perve!
by jamesbrown April 29, 2003
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Sydney's most famous, touristy, dirty and crowded beach.
Inner West Dude: "Let's NOT go to Bondi. Let's go anywhere else."
by Diego September 9, 2003
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a beach that is owned by westies
sorry mate you can't here, bondi is our beach
by Baise September 12, 2003
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Did you hear Bondy's guitar solo at the gig last night? It was fucking class!
by ImIndieAf June 17, 2017
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