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The irrefutable way to diffuse any situation. Saying "I'm just sayin'" is to be used immediately after a burn, or after a distasteful opinion is given. There is no response to "I'm just sayin'," that cant be followed up with another "I'm just sayin'"

with the proper use of this tool, it is possible to deliver a rude comment or burn and have it bounce off simply as an opinion disguised as an objective opinion, and who can argue with you over an opinion that you dont apparently support.
-" Hey man, Stacey didn't call me last night, I think she was with another guy."
- " Well remember the way she was in high school? she was a huge slut."
-"DUDE!!! Thats my fiancé!"
- " I know, I'm just sayin'"
- " Well ok, but she's not a slut anymore."
-" I'm just sayin.'"
by vallada November 24, 2009

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The sexual favor where the handle of a large feather duster is shoved up the ass resembling a peacock
When my wife role plays as a naughty maid, i give her the peacock."
by Vallada March 03, 2009

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An old women who rides a motorized chair or scooter or rascal.
My Grandma has evolved to Gran-Bot with the arrival of her new power chair.
by vallada October 12, 2010

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The place you go to practice shooting apples off of people heads. a combination of the words orchard + archery.
practicing at an orchery is highly recommended before actually trying to shoot an apple of a live persons head
The orchery offers many different size apples, for novices and those with experience. for all your apple marksman needs.
by vallada September 11, 2010

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running to the bathroom and trying to find trash bin at the same time. usually because your so hung over that you aren't sure if you're going to throw up or diarrhea in your pants. This is also one of the scariest moments in your life if you ever get it.
- " OMG, i gotta go!!!"
- " woah whats wrong?"
- " double waste race!"
- " oh god no, I'll try to find a trash can or something, meet you in teh bathroom!"
- " HURRY!"
by vallada November 25, 2009

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used in msn. no particular reson but looks funny
( )))))))))))----*
by vallada November 16, 2009

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You know you're a redneck when version of saying "i'm going to ejaculate in her.
nut + in + her
(sounds great phonetically)
"Im gonna take Lucille back around the barn and nut'ner."
by vallada November 16, 2009

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