A short way of saying "Central Processing Unit" (CPU). It is a computer term to define the hardware that allows you to run applications
"A computer will not run without a processor"

"Wow, I just upgraded my processor so I can run programs faster!"
by Brian1313 March 29, 2008
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Cell is a microprocessor architecture jointly developed by a Sony, Toshiba, and IBM alliance known as STI.

Cell is a shorthand for Cell Broadband Engine Architecture, commonly abbreviated CBEA in full or Cell BE in part. Cell combines a general-purpose POWER-architecture core of modest performance with streamlined coprocessing elements which greatly accelerate multimedia and vector processing applications, as well as many other forms of dedicated computation.

The major commercial application of Cell is in Sony's upcoming PlayStation 3 game console which is slated to launch in November 2006. It will also become available in a blade configuration from Mercury Computer Systems. Toshiba has announced plans to incorporate Cell in high definition television sets. Exotic features such as the XDR memory subsystem and coherent EIB interconnect appear to position Cell for future applications in the supercomputing space to exploit the Cell processor's prowess in floating point kernels.

Up to Two-Billion calculations a second.

--OPM (Official Playstation Magazine)
--Wikipedia (www.wikipedia.org)
Sony will use the cell processor in its next-gen console, the PS3
by Matt McManus June 28, 2006
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psychologyst or a friend who acts as such. A person who you can go to to dump all your emotional clusterfuck and they will process it and lay it out for you in a clear manner.
My friend is a shit processor. Everyone goes to her when the shit hits the fan.
by burn_the_comfort_blanket December 28, 2011
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To go number 2 in someone's desktop computer. Similar to an upper decker, but much more inappropriate.
The gentleman with the dickeration was not pleased to find some had installed a deuce processor in his machine overnight.
by knasty2 February 3, 2010
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A form of parallel processing using a single computer processor containing multiple pipelines. Intel's 80486 and Pentium processors were of this type.
Also called superscalar architecture.
Superscalar processors can reduce bottlenecks and increase throughput.
by Luca Kaceem Butler Masters February 16, 2005
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A processing CPU in the Terminator that allows it to learn from its surroundings, usually learning quite a bit it can eventually take on human characteristics.
Arnold-"My CPU is a neuro-net processor a learning computer"
by Jonathan C February 28, 2006
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Created by some dumbass college guy in an Iowa dorm. The sexual act of having a sexual partner (usually a woman) eating corn. After eating the corn the other partner then eats the undigested corn out of the other partner's ass hole during intercourse.
"Dude, did you see the way Jessica was eating the corn in the cafeteria earlier? I'd definitely give her the Nebraska Food Processor."

"Dude, you're disgusting."
by UIU Speed Team January 31, 2022